NCAA Tournament 2018 Schedule for the Sweet 16 after upsets

OK, it’s officially time to give up on your old bracket. It was a good run, but with No. 2 seeds North Carolina and Cincinnati both getting bumped from the NCAA Tournament on Sunday, along with No. 3 Michigan State, there’s no shame in admitting defeat now that the Sweet 16 is upon us.

If you’re like 90 percent of America, your bracket is shredded into about 15 million pieces right now. Hey, misery loves company. But you know what the good news is? You can print out a brand new, fresh bracket for the Sweet 16 and pretend like the whole first round never happened.

You absolutely should play Round by Round Bracket Games through CBS Sports and fill out your picks online. In fact, I recommend doing so. But as you sort out those picks, maybe you want to print out a copy of the bracket — updated, we might add — to really get a sense of what we’re looking out here. There’s something about feeling the field in your hand.

Grab your March Madness printable bracket in PDF form by clicking the link here and get those picks for the rest of the tournament on paper.

Then take a look at some advice we have for you. SportsLine ran every possible matchup through a computer simulation 10,000 times for this optimized bracket. And all of our experts filled in their own brackets for you to peruse.

And if you are one of those whose bracket has already been busted, you’re not alone. Take a look at some of the celebrities who may need to print out a new bracket themselves.

Former FBI director James Comey had Virginia winning the whole thing. Whoops.

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