WWE Hall of Fame – 2018, Live,streaming

Matt Hardy appeared with his wife Rebecca and they were completely out of character. Jeff Hardy appeared later and announced that he’d been cleared to return but was just waiting for ideas for a return.

Dolph Ziggler crashed a Sonja Deville interview in a very ackward moment. Both Renee Young and Deville completely brushed him off.

Ronda Rousey and her husband Travis Browne (only called Travis by Byron Saxton) were interviewed as well. Rousey looked terribly nervous and was thrown off by the crowd chanting for her.

WWE Hall of Fame 2018 Live Stream

Beth Phoenix announced that she would be calling the Women’s Battle Royal on the WrestleMania preshow Sunday afternoon.

Daniel Bryan said that he’s looking forward to coming down the ramp in his “spandex battle jammies” on Sunday.

Jerry Lawler is hosting the show once again. He opened by introducting the Dudley Boyz as the first inductees tonight.

The Dudley Boyz Bubba Ray and D-Von (inducted by Edge and Christian)

Edge and Christian did some comedy where Christian was trying to induct himself and the fans seemed into it. They chanted “YOU DESERVE IT” at Christian. Edge mocked people who said that Heyman should’ve inducted them, basically calling them geeks who live in their parents’ basements. Christian said it’s because they’re the only two guys that like Bubba. Ron Simmons did a cameo with his “DAMN” catchphrase after E and C said that the Dudleys beat the APA from pillar to post. They closed off the intro by doing a pretty bad impression of the Dudleyz with Edge saying “Christian….get the Dudleyz”

The Dudleyz put on their goofy glasses to start their acceptance speech. They had a tense start as Bubba talked about how “the boys” will text him, joking that D-Von is their producer. D-Von said they’re just happy that Bubba isn’t the producer to which Bubba replied “If I was the producer, their match might get over”. D-Von said that when he started, he tried to look like Hulk Hogan, joking that he had the tan and Hogan’s hairdo. D-Von put over his momma but promised he wouldn’t go on about her like Mr T did.

Bubba referred to he and D-Von as WWF fans as kids and D-Von interrupted him, saying “we talked about this, you can’t say the F-word”. Bubba said that he’s most proud of the fact that they are the first original ECW act to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. D-Von took exception to the fact that Bubba said they weren’t as pretty as Ricky and Robert, saying he’s a fine looking black man. Bubba especially thanked Velvet Sky, referring to her by that name and calling her the future Mrs Dudley. D-Von told a story about how when he was Reverend D-Von, the money that was collected for the “Reverend D-Von Building Fund” actually went to the APA drinking fund. Bubba put over Mae Young, calling her the “toughest man” he ever faced in his life. They called up Matt and Jeff and Edge and Christian to join them on stage. Bubba said that without the four of them, they wouldn’t be Hall of Famers today. They got played off stage at the 22 minute mark but that was a setup for the Dudley to put a production guy through a table. Crowd loved every second of this.

Next up, Jerry Lawler introduced Hillbilly Jim, to be inducted by Jimmy Hart. Notable that in the video package they reference “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, perhaps softening the waters for an eventual return.

Hillbilly Jim (inducted by Jimmy Hart)

Jimmy came out to “Eat Your Heart Out Rick Springfield”, which has not aged well. Hart told a story about how Hillbilly Jim wrecked his knew and the doctors said it would be a miracle if he ever wrestled again and he was back in the ring at WrestleMania 3 to wrestle King Kong Bundy. He also put over Jim as the guy that got him into the WWF right before the first WrestleMania.

I guess they don’t have the rights to play his original theme cause Jim came out to generic dosey-do music that sounded a bit like the original. The crowd gave a polite response but it seemed like they weren’t all that familiar with Jim. He told some stories about how he got into the business that got no reaction at all except for when he’d ocassionaly reference Jim Ross and a speech he made at the Hall of Fame a couple years ago about opportunity. He did a Stu Hart impression which got a little reaction when talking about starting out wrestling for Stampede Wrestling in Calgary.

He then talked about Jerry Lawler giving him a break in Memphis. That led him to the WWF when they did a big show in Nashville. He met Pat Patterson, who got him hired into the WWF at the time. Jim put over Hulk Hogan for taking him under his wing and making him a bigger star. He told a story about how Pat Patterson gave him a merchandise cheque for $87,000, which was a ton of money at the time. He told an Andre the Giant drinking story, saying they drank 57 bottles of liquor in a Miami airport and that he drank 8 of them and was drunk. He talked about Wes Strater, a good friend who was a sportscaster that died last year. He said he was asked by a writer how he would like to be remember and his answer was “I would like to be remembered”. He also mentioned “Luscious” Johnny Valiant, who just passed away as well as Andre, Lord Alfred Hayes, Bobby Heenan, Gorilla Monsson, Freddie Blassie, Lou Albano, Jimmy Snuka, Randy Savage and Roddy Piper, who had all passed on previously. In total he went 34 minutes and it was probably at least 15 minutes too long.

:Lawer introduced a video package honoring the 2018 Legacy inductees including Lord Alfred Hayes, Hiro Matsuda, Stan Stasiak, Rufus R Jones, Boris Malenko, El Santo, Cora Combs, Jim Londos and Sputnik Munroe.

Ivory (inducted by Molly Holly)

Molly told the story of how Ivory helped her get through the 9/11 tragedy and how she competed twice on the first show in Houston after the attacks. She said that Ivory invited Lillian Garcia to ride with them from Houston after that show. Garcia took the attacks hard since he’s a New York City native but Ivory helped her as well. She then brought out Lillian to officially introduce Ivory.

Ivory talked about how Molly was her driving partner and that Molly would just shut up and drive, which kind of forced her to be quiet as well. She said her wrestling career started by attending a TV convention in New Orleans to introduce GLOW and it concludes in the same city by her being inducted into the Hall of Fame. She talked about how much the women in WWE and wrestling in general has progressed since her day and how much she was looking forward to seeing all the women compete on Sunday. She said that getting inducted into the Hall of Fame is a once in a lifetime opportunity, unless you’re Ric Flair. She said it’s like the one time you get married, unless you’re Ric Flair. She then said he’s never been married and no one has even proposed to her…even Ric Flair. Some in the crowd chanted MARRY ME after that.

She then said that she had to buy a gown, just like a wedding. Molly Holly was like her maid of honor and her GLOW castmates were like the bridesmaids. Her groomsmen included Jim Cornette, Jim Ross and Howard Brody, who all helped her along the way in her career. Her speech was interrupted by the annoying Right to Censor music at one point. Her something old was herself. Her something new was the Hall of Fame ring. Her something borrowed was a couple of minutes from the next inductee’s time. And for something blue, she said purple suits her better and pulled out a purple scarf. And Lillian Garcia is the wedding singer. She then gave her closing vows and said “with this ring, I thee wed”, holding up her Hall of Fame ring. Very nice speech that went 18 minutes.

Jerry Lawler sounded like he was introducing Jeff Jarrett next but the intro was actually for Kid Rock.

Kid Rock (inducted by Triple H)